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Q Microwave has broad experience in the design and construction of microwave devices from 20 MHz to 20 GHz using a variety of technologies and manufacturing techniques. We emphasize rapid response and speed in every dimension of our service. Specific products and services include:

  • We offer a full range of filter products. Filter Products - Follow this link for a description of our core product capability. Q Microwave offers microwave filters in a variety of packaging configurations including microstrip-launched filters. Filter product lines are detailed in our Q-Series filter product line listings



  • Example of modular approach to integrated switch filters. Integrated Products. Q Microwave offers filters for integrated microwave assemblies (IMAs) or multi-function modules (MFMs) that take advantage our miniature filter expertise. Our unique modular microstrip approach offers high performance and flexible designs at a reasonable price. Typical applications might include filter banks, switch filter modules, and filter amplifier modules. An Integrated Product example is provided to assist customers to implement their own custom designs.



  • Filter Design Tools & Guides Design Tools. Follow this link to receive assistance is specifying the electrical performance for your filter requirement. This guide also provides packaging suggestions and standard configurations for improved price and delivery.




  • Lab Support Services Lab Support Services.  Q Microwave's partnering strategy provides RF development teams with our unparalleled Engineering Lab Support, including design assistance, rapid prototyping services, and test equipment filters.


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